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In 2013, with the “Book at Hand” project the Library started expanding the basic library services into distant and less accessible places with the aim to cover a wider community where there is no library service, thus enabling all citizens of Poreč to get access to library materials. In this endeavor, there was a need for the establishment of library stations as a place of book borrowing, especially for the elderly and infirm and children unable to visit the library at Marafor Square. For the expansion of the library network the Poreč City Library has chosen the station model. The Library provided the books from its fund, technical equipment and full professional support, while the local communities – the Local Committees and the City of Poreč – provided the premises.

The station in Červar Porat was opened at 1 Učka Park in May 2013. On 52 m², there are more than 1,300 books and 600 volumes that are part of the BookCrossing project, an international movement that ”frees” books and popularizes reading through donation and exchange. Therefore, this library station, along with its basic function, is the center of the BookCrossing for the Poreč area, and a place for socializing and quality leisure time activities for both children and adults.

The idea of the library stations was embraced by all the local committees in which there was adequate space for the library station. The Library opened a new library station in Nova Vas in 2014, with more than 530 books and one hundred titles intended for children. A large number of books are from the BookCrossing project. At the beginning of 2015, stations in Varvari and Baderna were opened.

With the opening of the library stations in Červar Porat, Nova Vas, Varvari and Baderna, all spatial possibilities were exhausted in the local committees of the city of Poreč and the project “Book at Hand” continued with the opening of the first Little Free Library. Along with the educational role, the library stations of the Poreč City Library have increasingly becoming the center of cultural events, creative and educational workshops, a place of cooperation and exchange of knowledge.


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