Slovko Maraforko

Since 2010, the workshops for our youngest users have been visited by a professionally and attractively crafted mascot, a big yellow book that has brought a new zest to our Library. The mascot Slovko is a symbol of all our efforts to encourage reading from the earliest age and we regularly visit our kindergartens and schools with him. Slovko is also the guest of all our children’s events and the main figure of the picture book for the youngest named “Slovko Maraforko”.

Stimulated by the results of the research conducted by Ipsos Puls for UNICEF in 2012 and the fact that 23% of six-month-old kids’ parents do not read nor look at picture books with their babies, the Library printed the picture book “Slovko Maraforko” which, along with free membership, each newborn child from Poreč received on their first visit to the pediatric clinic in Poreč in 2015.

The picture book contains drawings of children, participants of the workshops “Fridays at Five”, which showcases the first contact with the library and the services it provides.
The additional educational value of this picture book is that children through the game gain new knowledge of the books and services they can get in the libraries. They learn library rules that are applied not only to the Poreč City Library, but to all the other libraries.


We are pleased to introduce the NEWSLETTER by the Poreč City Library. We hope you might be interested in information about the events organized by the Library, in literary contests, in new books, as well as in novelties in the work of the Library and the benefits for the members of the Poreč City Library.

You can receive the information by e-mail. All you have to do is to enter your e-mail address in the marked field.

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