Happy stories

In 2016 a regular reading project was launched at the Home for the Aged and Infirm People in Poreč entitled “Happy Stories”. This socially-aware project of the Poreč City Library aims to connect the book with the users of the Homes and to prove how great the reading power can be. Under the guidance of our library, regular monthly visits are conducted by reading poetry and prose, with the intention of making the users stay in the Homes as pleasureable as possible. The readers are different; from writers, public figures, students, to our volunteers who are also the most important programme holders.

The expansion of the project is expected through the activities of all public libraries in the Istrian County, which, unitedly, created a unique platform for providing social-inclusive library services to users and residents of the Homes for Aged and Disabled People in the Istrian County, while simultaneously stimulating the propagation of volunteering. Further growth and development of “Happy Stories” is continuing in the digital environment, given that a large number of relatives and guardians live outside our homeland. The program is financially supported by the Ministry of Culture.

A short documentary movie “Happy Stories” was shot about the course of the project.



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