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The Poreč City Library includes volunteers/users in its volunteer projects: “Sretne priče”, book fair BOOKTIŽIN, “Dam-daš” and the library stations in Červar, Varvari, Nova Vas and Baderna in accordance with the principle of equality of opportunity for all regardless of their age, sex, skin colour, race, sexual orientation, gender, and gender expression. Special attention is paid to the selection of volunteers working with children and older and disabled people in the project “Sretne priče”, which is being conducted through regular readings to users of the Home for the Aged and Infirm People in Poreč.

In cooperation with high schools, the Library is making efforts to encourage volunteering at the BOOKtižin book fair to involve high school students, as well as other interested citizens in our Library’s activities.

In order to address the problems of social segregation, the strengthening of awareness of the importance of lifelong education, informal learning and creative leisure time, the Poreč City Library recognizes the volunteers as important participants in the project “Dam-daš: volunteers in action”.

Additionally, our volunteers regularly take care of our library stations in Červar Porat, Nova Vas, Baderna and Varvari.

Volunteering enables the acquisition of certain skills and knowledge, and as volunteer-organizers we recognize the volunteers through monitoring the development of their competences and with regular cooperation at all stages as well as in accordance with the volunteer evaluation program

By keeping company with our volunteers even outside the projects, we strive to give the volunteers recognition in a variety of ways: by issuing volunteer booklets, by suggesting city authorities to award recognition to the most prominent volunteers and by organizing gatherings.


    We are pleased to introduce the NEWSLETTER by the Poreč City Library. We hope you might be interested in information about the events organized by the Library, in literary contests, in new books, as well as in novelties in the work of the Library and the benefits for the members of the Poreč City Library.

    You can receive the information by e-mail. All you have to do is to enter your e-mail address in the marked field.

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